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Help Choosing a Reading or Other Service

Help Choosing From my Psychic Services

With all readings and hearings I am working and assisted by spirit.

Tarot Readings

The Tarot is a window through which I connect with spirit. I receive messages from spirit and also from the cards using my psychic abilities. 

Choosing a Tarot reading much depends on how in-depth you wish to go and the number of questions you may have. Short/quick question readings do not go into depth. They are best suited to those who simply require a more yes/no approach to their question(s) and are a short 'mini' reading, and provide a brief general overview of events, being ideal for those that only require that approach. If more questions or a further in-depth approach is required then choose one of my more in-depth readings.

Regular readings are moderate in the depth they go and address up to three questions. These are best for those who require a more moderate amount of answers or information. If more questions need to be asked and a deeper look is needed into them, then my more in-depth readings are more appropriate to those situations. I have a variety of readings for those needs that address more questions and take a more in-depth look into events. All of these are available to view and book via this site. Each of my readings has a description to help you decide on the best for your needs.

Crystal Ball/Scrying Mirror Readings

When I read using a crystal ball or scrying mirror, spirit communicate by showing me images, numbers, colours, symbols and visions and other information in them to provide me with information. Both crystal ball and scrying mirror are used in a similar way and are sometimes better for looking more into the future. A scrying mirror is better when it is used for healing purposes as it provides a wider portal to the psychic and spiritual realms. They do come in a varity of sizes and shapes. The glass is black so that it does not refllect the physical surroundings. The choice of crystal ball or scrying mirror reading again depends on how in-depth you wish to go, from a short, quick answer or moderate to in-depth (refer to Tarot above). I have a selection of crystal ball/'scrying mirror readings for most situations.

Rune Readings

Runes are an ancient alphabet and system of communication. A Rune consists of an ancient magical sigil or sign, engraved in a small stone or carved in a small piece of wood. Each Rune has a relation to a particular deity (or God). They are indeed very special.

The Runes bring with them an exclusive kind of meaning and magic, unique only to themselves because of their special affinity to the gods. 

Apart from being used as an intuitive centre for performing a reading,  they are used for healing, the making of amulets, talismans, spells, and other magic and psychic applications.

The great mystery about the Runes is that No-one is absolutely sure from where they came. The word Rune means simply a ‘mystery’ or ‘secret’.

Runes provide a very special insight into a persons life. They are used in a similar way to the Tarot and the messages and secrets they bring out are very profound. The Runes are honest in their revelations and the messages are more direct that the Tarot.

Gypsy Fortune Card Readings

These cards have been used by Romany gypsies for centuries as a psychic divination tool. The number of cards in a deck vary. Each card contain a simple picture with an appropriate title, i.e., an image of cat with a title ‘the cat’. This picture and description may be simple but it reveals much mystically to the psychic and for the sitter. The gypsy fortune deck that I own is a replica of the traditional decks and has evolved to include more cards. The deck that I own contains one hundred cards. I find that the messages that come through are more more straight to the point. In many ways their symbolism is less complicated than the Tarot and are best for situations concerning everyday life.

Ouija/Spirit Board Readings

A Ouija or -spirit board is the same item and its title is used interchangeably.  Boards come in many different sizes and designs but they are all used in pretty much the same way. The board consists of numbers one to zero, contain the letters of the alphabet and usually include the words ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’, ‘yes’ and ‘no’. These elements are used to spell out messages. A planchette (a pointed or heart-shaped flat object usually of wood used to glide across the surface of the board on rollers or small legs) is used whereby fingers are lightly rested upon its top. The communicating spirit will then use the planchette to move it along to point to the letters, numbers or words to spell out messages as the planchette glides over the surface of the board. Some planchettes have an aperture to hold a pencil or a magnifying glass to see the letters on the board. Sometimes a glass tumbler may be used in place of a planchette and serves the same purpose. When a Ouija/Spirit board reading is conducted, it does take time to prepare and perform, as the messages can come through randomly and quickly and are written in a short-hand form. Messages can be mis-spelled or cryptic and need re-interpreting or deciphering. After the session the reading is translated into the intended messages. They are then transposed into long-hand. When conducting a reading in audio.mp3 recording format, the reading is actually conducted first before the recording due to the reasons indicated above and is then written up. I then record, explaining the messages that came through in the actual reading session. I do not necessarily know whom the spirit are that control the board, and they are usually ambient spirits that live around the person for whom the reading is being conducted, as they can see things in broader details. Sometimes they are spirit guides or loved ones but it is not always revealed because of the complexities of Ouija/Spirit Board work. Only proficient psychics should use a board

Psychic/Reiki Healing

When I perform psychic healings, I work with my psychic healing and Reiki gifts, and I am assisted by my healing spirit guide. I also use my scrying mirror to look at your energies and heal. Healings can be done in person or distance. I offer a selection of healings, depending on length of session and condition, and individual needs. A description is provided in the section of the healing listed. All my healings are complementary and work alongside of orthodox healing. Healings are not a substitute for physical ailments or illnesses, and I always advise anyone to consult a qualified medical doctor in situations where any physical conduction is apparent or causing concern. Doctors take care of the physical body, I heal the metaphysical.


I am also en experienced master spell caster. Most of the spells I offer are bespoke and need to be specially requested. Spell work does take a lot of time and focus, and sometimes my work schedule does not always leave me time to offer spells. When spells are available, they will be listed on this site. Some of my readings include a spell and when available will be indicated in the item description.

Please choose a reading or healing that best addresses your needs from those described above.

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