Romany Dusty Mario

Romany Dusty Mario
Romany Dusty Mario


Romany Dusty Mario

All psychic readings, healings and work done in the proper, traditional Romany gypsy way

Greetings! Maybe you have arrived here by choice. Maybe by chance. Maybe you need help and guidance. Perhaps the universe directed you here to help find enlightenment and guidance. Whatever the reason I have a very big, warm welcome!
In addition to being a spiritual and psychic counsellor, I am also a life-coach and can offer guidance, insight and counselling into earthly matters as well, whatever those are: career, love/relationships, money, higher self-esteem/confidence, healing, advancement and more. These are some of the areas in which my services offer help, coaching, mentoring, guidance and advice.
As you are now here, please look around my site. You can book directly from it.
If you wish to have a reading or healing this can be simply arranged via this website, so please tell me your needs so that I can give you the best guidance.
Whatever you choose I thank you for visitng my web site. Please come back soon!
If you have any questions or require any further information, please feel free to ask.
Love, Light and Blessings


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