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Romany Dusty Mario
Romany Dusty Mario

Negative Energy Removal and Cleansing

Romany Dusty Mario Negative Energy Removal and Cleansing

This psychic clairvoyant Negative Energy Removal and Cleansing is intensive. There are different levels of cleansing for those who have a number of negativities around them.  

This is the option to choose from Silver, gold, platinum and diamond Negative Energy Removal Cleansing. The more in-depth the session, the the more intense the negative energy removal. As an example, the silver session is suitable for those that are experiencing general or mild misfortune or feel they have no luck. If your situation is more troublesome, then a more intensive session may be required to remove stubborn negative influences. There is the option to choose your session below. 

Please note: this service does not include a reading. It is for a negative energy removal session only, and is for one person.

If you feel you have bad luck, misfortune, unluck in love, money, career, etc., these can stop us reaching our goals, affect our work, careers, love and relationships, friendships, lack of presence in life and many more issues. Negative energies attach themselves to us from the negative experiences we have faced in our past or from other people, environment or from those would like to see us fail. Whatever the situation this negative energy removal cleansing will blitz any negative energies around you.

I will use a combination of different Reiki healing energy modes, together with many other cleansing and healing modes, along with my psychic clairvoyant abilities, and I am also assisted by my healing spirit guide. I also use my scrying mirror to view the energies around you as I perform the session. It does not matter where you are or part of the work you reside because these energies work anywhere and cross space and time.

I will perform a removal and cleansing of negative energy from around you. choose from the menu below.

*Please note: this service is not a substitute for orthodox medical advise. If you suspect any medical or have any ongoing medical conditions please consult a qualified medical doctor. 

This service is as close to a face-to-face session as possible.

After your healing is performed I will provide the details via recording in mp3 audio format, which makes the healing especially personal, and is delivered as an attachment as an mp3 file to your specified email address for download. 

If you would like more information or want to ask any questions regarding this healing or any of my other services prior to booking, please know that you can feel free to contact me for friendly assistance. I am always happy to help.

Requirements when booking:

Please provide your date and place of birth and brief background, and details of any persons you refer to, then email as indicated promptly after booking. A recent photograph is preferred but not essential for this negative removal.

Select Your Negative Energy Removal and Cleansing Session

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- Please note: I can only read for you if you are aged 18 or over -

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Although all my services are genuine, due to legal reasons and by law I have to state that ALL the services offered by me whether reading, healing or any other psychic services/item(s), are to be regarded as for entertainment purposes only and are not experimentally or scientifically proven, and therefore are not a replacement or substitute for legal, medical, financial, psychological or any other related advice where that advice should be sought from an appropriate specialist or professional in an appropriate field. Even the most genuine services of a metaphysical nature can be open to misunderstanding or misinterpretation. No psychic reading or services of any kind whatsoever should ever interfere with your own free will and judgement. I will not read for anyone who is under the age of 18 or who appears to have mental problems of any kind. I do not provide refunds of any kind once any of my psychic services have been completed. All my psychic services of any nature are personalised, and customised and are therefore bespoke. They cannot be resold as they are tailored and unique to the individual. Because readings and other psychic services offered are of an intangible nature they are exempt from refunds. Owing to the nature of the services I offer, because they are of a metaphysical, intangible or conceptual kind, I must legally ensure that you have an understanding and agree to the above terms. By authorising payment for, ordering , purchasing and/or using, etc., any of the services, goods/items, etc. as advertised on this site or elsewhere by me you are confirming your full acceptance and agreement of all the terms & conditions in their entirety. Terms and conditions governed by English law. E&OE. 

Readings/sessions, healings and other services are delivered within seven full days from the date of booking from when the full required information is completely received. Failure to do so will likely delay receipt of your order. Depending on my work schedule this delivery can sometimes be sooner, but this is an exception rather than a rule and you should allow for the full time indicated. Please also allow for overseas time differences which may affect completion. If there are any differences to the above completion times, it will be specified alongside that particular item. Time zones and holiday periods for most countries can be found on Google. 

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