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Important Booking Information Policies/Faqs

Please read the following carefully. It is important to enable you to get the most from my services.

When you have booked your reading, please send me the following information
*Your Date and place of Birth  (this helps with the psychic link) 
* Your question(s) 

  (The item your ordered will indicate the number of question(s) addressed. It is important that I understand your question(s) and its meaning so that I can focus on what you need answering, so please ensure your question(s) is clear, specific and unambiguous, and is not a question within a question; remember: the more clear and specific your question, the more detailed and clear your answer will be. Also, add names and dates of birth of anyone mentioned in your question(s).)

*Photographs (When required) If you have booked a healing, a recent photograph is usually required. If a photograph is required it will be specified in the item description. In that event, you can use your mobile phone to take and send or scan and send via your pc. Please ensure file sizes are kept minimal and jpeg format is usually the best to send. The photograph helps me compare the energies I see around you physically with what I see psychically.

(Please only use the above email address to submit your information for your order and NOT the contact form on this site or the Paypal form.)

I am a busy psychic and it is frustrating chasing up missing or incomplete information.It is important that you send the above information at the time you place your order. Missing or incomplete information can result in your booking being significantly delayed. The onus for sending the requirements for bookings is on the individual, I seldom have chance to chase missing information.
Sometimes I may need to email you before your reading is complete in the event I need to confirm any details. Please reply as soon as you can to avoid any unnecessary delays. 

Information About my Services, Ordering and Shipping

Unless otherwise indicated, all of my readings are in mp3 audio format and recorded live as I read. This makes your reading especially personal. When I complete your reading it will be sent via email as an attachment in mp3 audio format to your specified email address and is simply downloaded the same as any other attachment.  Please ensure you have a suitable unit for playback. This method always works on any setup so there are no problems receiving or playing back. I know this from experience.

Details of healings and spells are sent in audio email format to your specified email address after they are performed as indicated in item.

Some services, such as healings and aura readings require a recent photograph. This can be done by sending a photo from your phone, scanning a photo, and is best sent in jpeg format, keeping the file size minimal. Please send this at the time you book in order to avoid any delays in your service being undertaken. Send to

In all instances please ensure you have specified a correct email address to use my services and that it will receive large files. Most of them do. If you are uncertain of your providers performance, I would suggest hotmail, gmail, yahoo, aol and similar providers, as they should satisfy requirements.
In all instances please follow requirements in this section.

As an professional and ethical psychic I do not read about death, health or health related issues, legal matters, gambling/investments, missing persons or suspected cheating partners. All ethical psychics should now adhere to these guidelines which are now in place.

Whilst I am a psychic medium and work with spirit, for reasons of sensitivity and because spirits do not come on demand, I do not offer readings via this platform that are mediumship readings of the type for contacting love ones that have crossed. I provide these type of sittings on a personal face-to-face basis only for those reasons.

Unless otherwise indicated all of my readings require questions. The number of questions that are addressed will be indicated alongside the particular reading. I do not usually conduct general readings because it is rare that people do not want specific information and most have questions. The psychic and spiritual realm is a very big place. When I open up to the psychic and spiritual realms I am bombarded with all kinds of information. As there is no time over there I am cannot always where I am in that respect and consequently what information I see is relevant or pertinent, or unimportant, it is not possible to sift through it all to determine what is important or not as there is so much there. If specific information is required then because of those reasons it may be overlooked or not enough detail given, so if specific information is required it is always best to have questions. You will get the most from the reading. Remember, a general reading IS a general reading. and will be precisely that.
Sorry, I am unable to answer follow-up questions after I complete a reading session. Readings are conducted as described above. As I read and due to to the flow of information that comes through, I have to work at the pace of spirit and follow their lead as messages come through in many different ways and this does not leave me time to make a conscious memory of the reading as I proceed to conduct it, and at the end of the session my recall is limited. Also after your session is complete I close down my  channel with spirit. Follow-up questions would entail re-opening the channel with spirit for the reading.

My readings are based time and energy, and I have to be fair to everyone and because of those reasons I am unable to answer questions after I complete a reading session. the same also applies to healing sessions. I do offer readings appropriate for follow-up questions.

Shipping Times

I am a full time psychic with a busy schedule. This type of work is all I do. Conducting a reading or performing any other psychic service is not like taking a physical product from a shelf, packing and shipping it; my services take time and energy to perform and I do not rush them. Readings, healings and other services can take up to seven days to complete from the time I receive full information (excludes weekends and public holidays). Please also allow for overseas time differences which may affect completion, as I am in UK. Depending on my work schedule, in certain instances I may be able to complete your booking sooner, but this is the exception and not the rule and you should allow for the times stated to receive your order. If there are any differences to the above completion times, it will be specified alongside that particular item. Time zones and holiday periods for most countries can be found on Google.

All of my readings and services are available worldwide with free shipping unless otherwise indicated.

What to do if you have not received your order

Please check the specified time frame for delivery of your order. If it is a physical product, check with your post office, sometimes things get mislaid. If it has been lost in transit contact me and I will do my utmost to resolve the situation and where necessary replace an item. If your order is to be received digitally (such as a reading in mp3 audio format or healing sent in written email format), firstly check your spam/junk email folders as sometimes emails/attachments are filtered into them. Also, check that you have provided the specified information for your particular order and that it is complete. If not please do so straight away. If you have checked everything else please do not get anxious, just simply contact me and I will do my utmost to resolve any issues. Sometimes digital media just gets lost in cyberspace when it is sent for no apparent reason, and it may be as simple as that. I am human, and life's problems come my way, too. I may have a issue with my pc, delayed with my work (which I would advise you whenever possible), feeling unwell or having a personal problem. Issues happen, that's life. Again, do not worry, please contact me and I will look into matters to resolve them.

Other General Information

Psychics and mediums do not see things psychically as we see them in the physical world. I receive information from spirit in many different ways; by sight (clairvoyantly), by sound (clairaudiently), by touch/feeling/emotions (clairscentiently), and in other ways. I have to put all of this information together and sometimes reinterpret when I read to communicate in logical terms. Also, there is not time in spirit or the psychic realm and any time that is referenced in a reading can only be taken as a guide and approximation, and not an absolute. I sometimes see events psychically that manifest either sooner or later than they may in the physical world so an awareness of that is necessary. Any predictions that are given in a reading will need the time to fully pass to allow them to manifest.
A psychic reading or service is not a doctrine to live life by. It is a guide to the likely influences, energies and opportunities that are on your path.  You need to be realistic about what can be achieved psychically and what can not, and not be unrealistically expectant to avoid any disappointment. You will then get the most from your chosen service. Psychics are not infallible. We are human just like everyone else. A psychic reading will offer choices and suggestions along the way. A reading is never intended to make decisions for you or to replace free-will - our futures are not carved out in stone or fixed. It is OURSELVES who choose our path in life and make things happen. They will not happen of their own accord, we have to be proactive in that respect. As a psychic I cannot make things happen, decisions, bring things to you or change events on your life path - only you have the ability to do that. I also have no control of what may or may not come through in a reading, nor can I change it. I am merely a vehicle to relay information form spirit to those who seek guidance. An open mind is required for any psychic work. If an open mind is not present then it is best not to use psychic services.

I DO NOT offer refunds. I also DO NOT offer refunds simply if you do not like your reading or what comes through. I have no control over that. Also I DO NOT refund if it is claimed reading not received or will not play. I know from experience my method of providing via this method does work. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure they provide the correct information, email and equipment.

Please refer to Business Terms & Conditions on this site.

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